M-8000 Network conference system

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Product description
Host parameters:
●System host can access 120 units; Simultaneous interpretation system can beaccessed to realize multi-language simultaneous interpretation function
●The system adopts the automatic allocation of address code technology.Thefailure of a terminal unit microphone or the loose connection of theintermediate connection in the system will not affect the use of other unitmicrophones, so that the system has a higher stability.
●The system supports hot-swapping, can reduce and increase the microphone
●Dual backup RJ45 and 8-core interface design,the host has 4 RJ45microphone unit interface, 2 8-core microphone unit inlet.
●Built-in gain adjustment, low cut filter
●Audio transmission without compression, restoring the most realistic sound
●Anti-interference circuit design to prevent interference of all mobile phonesignals
●Comes with 2.8 inch LCD screen, independent key operation
●Multiple audio input and output interfaces for connection to soundreinforcement or recording equipment
●Conference mode: FIFO mode, full open mode, chair mode
●With the number of statements, auto-off, limited time off, voice-activatedspeech and other functions
●System power can be controlled centrally through the control system
●Size ( LxWxH ) : 480x30Ox90mm
Microphone parameters:
● Heart type directivity capacitive pickup.
● Lower mobile phone, WiFi, Bluetooth, and frequency modulation interference, anti-interference circuit design.
● Microphone headband speaking lights, display unit, close status
● With a 1.23-inch OLED display, display content is clear
● Support 8-core and RJ45 interface power supply
● With the sound frequency start function, the microphone unit power is automatically opened when the voice is made.
● The Chair unit has a priority function, which can close all the representative units that are being spoke; support multiple chairperson
● The connection position of the Chairman unit is not limited;
● System cell hot swap function
● The unit is a passive device, powered by the system host
● Comply with international conference equipment appliance certification standards (IEC 60914)
● Frequency response: 30-20khz
● Sensitivity: -42dB ± 2dB
● Reference Agitation Distance: 15cm-50cm
● Mi Length: 420mm
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