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U-3304 UHF 4-channel wireless microphone

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Product description

1. It has the function of noise control and external adjustment, which can be used in the environment with strong noise and is conducive to controlling the use distance.  
2. The dual squelch control of field strength detection and noise detection can effectively improve the anti-interference ability to environmental noise.  
3. The receiver is equipped with balanced XLR card and unbalanced 1 / 2 "audio output
4. Infrared frequency matching, which can quickly and accurately lock the transmitter frequency.   
5. The front panel of the receiver is equipped with LCD to display the working frequency.
6. The two channel line is designed with 80 frequency points per channel, which can realize the use of five sets of stacking machines at the same time without mutual interference
7. Working distance: 50m (open space)
Automatic selection wireless microphone is specially developed for the harsh environment of daily stage use. The wireless sound quality can perfectly reproduce the original sound. Within the frequency response range of 40Hz-18KHz, it has flat frequency response characteristics, can capture clear sound details, accurate low-frequency reproduction and transient response characteristics, and provides uncompromising sound quality. Efficient and reliable RF performance, can transmit stable audio carrier signal up to 50m visual range. It is suitable for all kinds of stages around the world, not only for small clubs, but also for conferences, concerts, theatres, opera houses and touring performances.
main features 
1. UHF band, digital electronic circuit and stable characteristics are adopted.
2. Pure automatic selective reception adopts [sound code and noise locking] dual mute control. When the transmitter is turned off,
Pilot tone squelch can eliminate RF interference.
3. Microphone head replacement function: split head module structure.
4. Electronic potential volume adjustment.
6. TNC standard interface antenna base can provide active antenna amplifier bias, connect antenna system and increase grounding
Receiving distance and stable receiving effect.
7. Automatic frequency search: through the automatic search function, you can automatically search the idle carrier frequency (in case of interference)
In case of).
8. IR infrared automatic frequency matching function: complete the wireless synchronization of the transmitter through the infrared interface.
9. The real-time status of the transmitter can be displayed at the receiver, for example (real-time power status).
System index
Audio range: 640-690mhz
Modulation mode: wide band FM
Available bandwidth: 25MHz
Number of times pass: infrared automatic waiting for 80 channels
Grade stability rate: ± 0.005%
Dynamic range > 1108
Peak frequency offset: ± 45khz
Baiying: 60h2-18khz (± 3dB)
Your credit ratio: > 105dB
Comprehensive distortion: < 0.5%
Receiver index
Receiving aid mode: secondary variable level superheterodyne
Medium tilt car: first intermediate frequency: 110Mhz, second intermediate frequency: 10.7MHz
Wireless interface: BNC seat
Sensitivity: 12db{80db(s / N)
Squelch threshold: 0-4dbv
Spurious suppression: > 80d8
Audio output: unbalanced: + 4dB (1.25v} / 5K Ω)
Balance: ± 10d8 (2.5V) 600 Ω
Power supply voltage: dc11-16v (rated # 12V)
Current: single receiving, less than 200mA, double receiving, less than 350mA
Transmitter index:
Output power: 30mw3mw (HI / Lo conversion)
Spurious suppression: - 60dB
Power supply: AAx2
Current: < 110mA (HF) < BWA (LF)
Service time (alkaline battery): about 8 hours for high-power transmission and 12 hours for low-power transmission

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