DMX-1612 Audio media management host

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●16-channel balanced microphone/line input with 48V phantom power soft switch;
●12 balanced line output;
●Provides outstanding sound quality of 24bit/48kHz;
●Optimized pre-stage gain with multi-level adjustment of 0,6,30,36, 42dB for MlCand LINE levels;
●USB2.0 audio interface for fast playback and recording of audio;
●Full-featured matrix mixing, intuitive signal routing table, controllable levels ofintersections;
●Adaptive feedback eliminates AFC, high-speed floating point digital algorithm
provides feedback suppression for each microphone, suppressing system howling; 
●The automatic gain control AGC ensures that the output level of the sound systemis stable, and the volume of the audience area is not affected by the speaker beingfar away from the microphone;
●Instant response limiter for perfect protection of rear-end equipment;
●Multi-mode automatic mixing AM, selectable threshold automatic mixing or gainsharing automatic mixing mode;
●Adaptive echo cancellation AEC to quickly eliminate echoes generated during videoconferences;
●A variety of parametric equalization types are available, including PEQ, High-Shelf,Low-Shelf, LP, HP, which can be flexibly applied to more occasions;
●Comes with Chinese and English operating software, intuitive and graphical softwarecontrol interface;
●Flexible and diverse control methods:
●Ethernet port for easy connection to computers and other network devices; RS-232bidirectional serial control interface
●GPI0 programmable control interface, 8 logic inputs, 4 voltage input controls, 4 logiooutputs;
●Support RC panel, adopt TCP/IP connection; with 1.5-inch OLED display and levelindicator;
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