HD-VDI1616A HD mixed matrix

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● Card structure: input signal support: Video, VGA, YPbPr, DVk HDMI, HD-SDk optical fiber, network; output signal support: HDMI, DVI (chromatic aberration WGAk Video, optical fiber, network. Card mechanism, extremely easy to expand or replace.
●Long-line drive capability: the input is equipped with automatic equalization, which effectively reduces the deterministic jitter caused by line transmission (USI); the output has a pre-emphasis function so that the receiving end can still receive the signal after long-line transmission; the input supports receiving delay, which can effectively deal with Time compensation is performed when the differential pair lines are not of equal length.
●HDCP compatible: Ensure that the media with content protection can be displayed normally, such as Blu-ray DVD, GAME BOX, etc.
●Support screen splicing.
●Audio access function: VIDEO, VGA, and component input boards are equipped with audio input connections, and with the output board's audio separation output function, it can realize simultaneous audio and video switching without the need for additional audio switching equipment.
● EDID support calculation function: it can automatically calculate the intersection and collection of the EDID information of any output display in real time. When one input signal is sent to multiple display devices with different resolutions, it can automatically obtain the best resolution of the current switching state and trigger the signal source to change the resolution (automatic mode).
●EDID supports switching function: you can read back the EDID information of any output display device and switch to any other output display device (manual mode).
●Power-down memory function and on-site memory function: with power-off on-site protection function: 18 switching states can be saved and recalled.
●Extended streaming media input function: support 2 channels of streaming media input, and convert to WIFI input, support common resolution, our company has client software support.
●Input and output: It supports up to 16 channels of signal input and 16 channels of signal output. Supports cross-switching of embedded multi-channel digital audio signals.
●Input and output card: each board has 2 channels, and input boards of different formats can be configured according to requirements <video input card, VGA input card, HDMI input card, component signal input card.
●Support Full HD: Compatible with all HDTV resolutions including 1080p/60 and PC resolutions up to 1920*1200;
●Support 3D, HDMI1.4 (partial), HDCP, and DVI1.0 protocols. Support high color depth, and up to 3.25Gbps rate
●With 2 RS-232 communication interfaces
●Support seamless screen switching, no black screen, fully compatible with □ signal, self-adaptive each output parameter (resolution, up, down, left and right size) can be adjusted independently, after function expansion, you can select a resolution as the resolution Rate, to solve the small difference such as 1360*768 and 1366*768, and the phenomenon of frame misalignment in other cases
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