M-1000 Discuss+video conference system

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Host parameters:
●Number of standard mounting units: 30 can be connected in one channel, andup to 90 conference units can be mounted on the system, and the longest linelength can be up to 100 meters.(The length of the extension cable will affectthe total number of mounting units.Please refer to the system mountingtable.)
●Flexible support for automatic discussion conference mode and video trackingconference mode
● With two sets of three-band equalization lines, fine-tuning the sound
● lt has a fire alarm interface,which can be linked with the fire protectionsystem to ensure the safety of participants, ((optional)
●Equipped with a three-in-one-out video matrix, which can directly control upto three camera balls to complete the video conference function
●Multiple input and output interfaces: main input, deck input and front output,auxiliary output and recording output interface
●Built-in DSP adaptive audio processor, which can suppress the maximumpossible sound return input
●Standard and safe power supply design 220V AC power supply, high-powertoroidal transformer inside the machine, sufficient power
●ln addition to satisfying the use of the machine, it can also be used by thediscussion unit.Its output voltage is 24 volts DC power,which is a safevoltage range to ensure the safety of participants.
●Size ( LxWxH ) : 482x321x88mm
Microphone parameters:
●The best pickup distance is above 80CM, the microphone can be placed atwill, even at a long distance from the table;
●Accurate control of the sensitivity of the effective pickup range, effectivelyimproving the sound transmission gain of the system;
●At the same time take into account the sound quality of the analog capacitorand the directional radio characteristics of the array;
●Can be connected to any analog processor system(digital automatic mixingsystem, digital audio processor, mixer, etc.), and quickly build a high-qualitydigital array conference system;
●Gooseneck-free design,the speaker and attendees can communicateunhindered, and the speaker has better visual effects;
●Larger and farther pickup range, speakers no longer need to care where themicrophone is, and have more space for activities;
●The hidden adjustable gain knob can quickly set up the entire systemaccording to the live sound conditions; the touch switch is simple andconvenient to speak;
●Desktop streamline design,fashionable and elegant,showing noble andsolemn temperament.
●Size ( LxWxH ) : 285x62x48mm
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